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Golden Bay Park
Shilong Gladden (2011/9/30 11:40:00 )

Shilong Golden Bay Park is located in a new city from the east coast along the bridge to the South Bridge was built, a total length of 2,200 meters, the total area of ​​200,000 square meters, Park is designed to dike the promenade, pavilion; Dipo flowers, fountains; embankment at the end of the lawn, squares and rows of antique chairs, swaying willow Dibian, every spring season, Golden Bay flowers, colorful, lush coconut palms, Liulv embankment red.

Especially when the night falls, when the brightly lit, colorful fountain color colorful, long river sparkling, moon and stars lights, pavilions, picturesque, three-port form a river Shilong "East River Gallery," the beautiful landscape . Up to 100 meters of large-scale relief, "Shilong Town" to the historical town of Shilong vividly shown on the banks of the East River. Modern design, full of natural flavor and style of the Golden Bay with a tropical park, now is the people's leisure, morning walkers, entertainment, enjoy the blue sky, clear water, golden sand beach a good place, by the masses at home.

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